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Custom artificial trees

Custom Unique Artificial Tree

Customized artificial plants and trees offer a unique solution for adding greenery to any space without the need for maintenance. These bespoke artificial creations are tailored to meet specific design requirements, offering a realistic and low-maintenance alternative to living plants. Ideal for interior design projects, events, or commercial spaces where actual plants may not thrive, customized artificial plants and trees provide endless possibilities for enhancing aesthetics and creating a lush environment that lasts.

faux plants

From spiky cacti, to tall aloes, and stubby-yet-smooth dudleyas, our silk succulents and plants imitate the exact shape and texture of their living counterparts. Made with the highest quality materials, and carefully crafted by real florists, Bloomr guarantees the finest in luxury artificial arrangements.

Custom Indoor plants

Outdoor artificial plants are designed to mimic the appearance and texture of real plants while offering the advantage of low maintenance and durability in various weather conditions. These synthetic plants are made from materials such as plastic, silk, or polyethylene, which are resistant to sun fading, rain, and wind. Outdoor artificial plants come in a wide variety of types, including flowers, shrubs, trees, and grasses, allowing for versatile landscaping options without the need for watering, pruning, or pest control. They are ideal for spaces where natural plant growth might be challenging due to poor soil, inadequate sunlight, or for individuals seeking a green aesthetic with minimal upkeep. Additionally, modern advancements in manufacturing have significantly improved the realism of outdoor artificial plants, making them an increasingly popular choice for both residential and commercial outdoor spaces.

Artificial olive tree

Artificial olive trees are lifelike replicas of real olive trees, crafted with high-quality materials to bring a touch of greenery and sophistication to any space without the need for maintenance.

Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers are the smart choice for anyone who loves flowers but hates the hassle of watering, pruning, and replacing them. Our artificial flowers are made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, and they look just like the real thing. You can create your own bouquet or pick one of our ready-made ones. We have artificial flowers for every occasion and season. Come and see for yourself at our store.

Artificial plants collections

Artificial plants are imitations of natural plants that are made from various materials, such as plastic, silk, metal, or clay. They are used for decorative purposes in homes, offices, gardens, or other places where real plants are not suitable or feasible. Artificial plants can have many advantages over real plants, such as:

  • They do not require watering, pruning, fertilizing, or pest control.
  • They do not wilt, fade, or die.
  • They can be easily moved, cleaned, or replaced.
  • They can last for a long time and retain their appearance.
  • They can create a natural and pleasant ambiance in any space.
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Artificial wisteria trees

A firm favourite with our clients, these artificial Wisteria Trees are absolutely stunning. Get in touch with details of your specific project for friendly, expert advice.

Artificial Blossom Trees

PlantART supplies a great variety of artificial blossom trees including artificial white apple and pink cherry-blossom and fake bougonvillea trees.

Adding the extra “wow” factor, these artificial trees are a feast for the eyes. Artificial flowering trees including artificial cherry blossom trees, faux apple blossom trees, wisteria, bougainvillea and roses can enhance any interior space and create an exotic ambience as breathtaking features.  Large artificial flowering trees provide fabulous colourful accessories that are ideal for enriching the ambience of restaurants, conservatories, patios, spas and cafes.

A traditional favourite among our clients, it’s safe to say that large artificial blossom trees are our most popular installations. Although installed in a myriad of commercial spaces, these larger trees are particularly popular in large open areas such as shopping malls, hospitals and airports etc.

Easy to install and easy to maintain, our large cherry blossom trees are a fantastic investment, they will last years and require very minimal care.

Please get in touch for more information on how we can transform your space

Artificial Olive Trees

Olive trees have become the symbol of Mediterranean lifestyle. Invoking an atmosphere of mild summer evenings spent on a piazza or vineyard they are very popular interior design features for Italian restaurants, bars but also shopping malls and spa areas.

Artificial Maple Trees

Our beautiful artificial Maple trees are extremely popular in either green or perhaps more impressive purple foliage.

A large fake tree, the Maple is best suited to larger installations such as lobby areas or as part of an exhibition stand etc.

These images give an idea of what we have been asked to provide in recent times, but we will be happy to discuss your individual faux maple requirements.

Find out more about the Maple HERE

Artificial Birch Trees with Fake Autumn Foliage

Our beautiful faux Birch trees are available in classic green foliage or with autumn leaves as seen here.

The autumn hew of our artificial birch tree gives off a natural warmth, creating a cosy, welcoming atmosphere in any venue.

Did you know that in early Celtic mythology, the birch symbolised renewal and purification. Bundles of birch twigs were used to drive out the spirits of the old year, and gardeners still use the birch besom, or broom, to ‘purify’ their gardens.

Preserved Wispy Silver Birch Tree

A popular variation of our silver birch display tree is the wispy tree: adding natural thin twigs to the natural silver birch trunk and branches make the trees look very much like the natural originals.

Wispy trees can be made either with or without foliage.

Dried trees

Are you tired of replacing flowers that go bad in your home or office? Try our fake dried flowers! They are realistic and look like real flowers. They are strong and last a long time. You can choose from many colors and types of flowers to fit your style. They are perfect if you are allergic to real flowers or want to be more eco-friendly. Order now and enjoy the beauty of nature without the effort of taking care of real flowers

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