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1. Low Maintenance – Artificial grass requires little to no maintenance, unlike real grass which needs regular watering, mowing and fertilising.

2. Durable – Artificial grass has a longer lifespan than natural grass, meaning it can withstand heavy foot traffic and adverse weather conditions.

3. Allergy-free – For those with pollen allergies, artificial grass provides an itch-free environment.

4. Environmentally-friendly – Artificial grass, made from recycled materials, conserves water and reduces the use of harmful chemicals.

5. Always green – You do not have to worry about your grass getting brown or yellow during hot weather conditions unlike natural grass.

6. Pets friendly – Artificial grass is easy to clean and maintain, making it an ideal option for pet owners.

7. Non-slip – Wet slippery grass can be a hazard, however, artificial grass provides a safer surface.

8. No Shady areas – Artificial grass can be placed in areas that receive minimal sunlight and will still look green and vibrant.

9. Customisable – You can choose the color or type of grass that matches the style of your garden.

10. Year-round enjoyment – Artificial grass can be used all year round, regardless of the weather conditions, making it ideal for garden parties and barbecues.

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